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Which vegetables to grow in rocky soil and which to avoid

Rocky soil can make vegetable cultivation difficult but some robust varieties can flourish heres a list of rocky soilfriendly and unsuitable veggies

Root vegetables carots if the dirt is loose enough they can grow straight roots even in rocky soil

Leafy greens its a tough green that can grow in rocky soil as long as its not too packed down

Herbs thyme is an easytocarefor plant that does well in rocky soil sage is another herb that can grow in rocky areas once it gets established

Perennial vegetables asparagus once it gets established asparagus can do well in dirt that is rough rhubarb is a hardy perennial plant that can grow in dirt that isnt very good

Deeprooted vegetables for potatoes to grow tubers the soil needs to be loose and drain well rocks in the soil can stop growth

Sensitive vegetables tomatoes their roots are very thin and may have trouble getting through rocky soil  peppers like tomatoes peppers grow best in dirt that is loose and drains well

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