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Skepticism of statements and ideas varies astrology indicates certain zodiac signs are distrustful are their decisions excellent or doubtful the top 8 zodiac signs will be assessed for skepticism and pessimism or discernment

Tauruses are practical and stable venus rules them therefore they value stability skepticism stems from their need to maintain stability and wellbeing after building trust taurus becomes less wary yellow wavy line taurus

Cancerians cherish their family moonruled and emotional to protect themselves and their family they are skeptical love and protection drive their cautiousness yellow wavy line cancer

Thinkers like geminis are curious and adaptive mercuryruled they are naturally curious skepticism stems from intellectual agility geminis question and evaluate before accepting they seek knowledge carefully yellow wavy line gemini

Aquarians are creative and humanitarian they defy traditional wisdom under uranus critical thinking and a desire for a better world fuel their skepticism aquarians challenge tradition to advance yellow wavy line aquarius

Scorpios enjoy emotional intimacy their basic pleasures include deep conversations meaningful touch and intense shared experiences with loved ones yellow wavy line scorpio

Scorpios are intense and curious scorpios ruled by pluto the planet of transformation and power crave secrets skepticism stems from their desire to understand scorpios are cautious and suspicious of appearances yellow wavy line capricorn

Though cynical sagittarians seek enlightenment and selfimprovement jupiter the planet of growth and optimism drives their curiosity skeptical because they desire to comprehend the universe sagittarians cautiously seek truth yellow wavy line sagittarius

The virgos are careful and analytical mercury governs communication and intelligence making paradoxes easy to spot analysts are skeptical and require proof and rationale before believing virgos choose carefully yellow wavy line virgo

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