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Top 7 zodiac signs who doesn’t get love back from their partner

Love drives human interactions missing reciprocity may induce emotional confusion your company name studied the astonishing relationship between zodiac signs and partner compatibility top 7 zodiac signs losing love

Geminis love intellectual stimulation and open communication they may feel distant and unloved if their partner doesnt talk or show interest yellow wavy line gemini

Due of its emotional depth cancer values relationships their emotional fragility may cause disappointment if their companion doesnt share their feelings despite their unbalanced expectations they are loved yellow wavy line cancer

Freespirited sagittarians crave adventure and variety if their relationship limits their exploration growth and new experiences they may feel unloved yellow wavy line sagittarius

Scorpios love deeply and want emotional connection they demand commitment and authenticity like no other when their companion isnt as committed they may feel unfulfilled and longing yellow wavy line scorpio

Capricorns take partnerships seriously they are committed partners who work hard to secure the future they may feel disrespected if their partner isnt as dedicated and supportive yellow wavy line capricorn

Aquarians love intellectual connections and independence when their partner doesnt appreciate their space and individuality they may feel detached and empty yellow wavy line aquarius

Pisceans are amorous and selfless they typically idolize their lover and expect a storybook romance if reality doesnt match their romantic fantasies they may suffer yellow wavy line pisces

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