Slow Cooked Marinated Flank Steak With Cranberry-raspberry Salsa

¼ cup chili sauce 3 dash hot sauce 1 ¼ oz taco seasoning 4 tbsp lime juice ¾ cup scallion sliced ½ cup fresh cilantro 1 tbsp jalapeño seeded, chopped 1 tbsp lime juice 1 tsp ground cumin 12 oz cranberry-raspberry crushed fruit, crushed Fresh cilantro as needed 2 lb flank steak, trimmed 16 flour tortilla


Begin by combining lime juice, chili sauce, hot pepper sauce, and taco seasoning in the Instant Pot. 

Coat the steak in the flavorful mixture and set the pot to slow cook on More for 1 Hour. 

Follow by adjusting the setting to Slow Cook on Less for 9 Hours, allowing the steak to tenderize. 

While the steak cooks, prepare a zesty salsa by blending scallions, cilantro, jalapeño, cumin, and cranberry-raspberry fruit. 

Once the slow cook time is complete, remove the steak from the pot and shred it into delectable pieces. 

Discard the cooking liquid and garnish the succulent steak with fresh cilantro if desired. 

Warm tortillas, spread salsa, and assemble the tacos with generous portions of the flavorful shredded steak. Enjoy!