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Mini reubens recipe

These little reubens are a great and simple party starter

Ingredient – 1 1 pound loaf cocktail rye bread – 1 cup thousand island dressing – 1 ½ pounds deli sliced corned beef – 1 16 ounce jar sauerkraut rinsed and well drained – 1 pound sliced swiss cheese


Circled dot 1 turn on the broiler in your oven

Circled dot 2 place the slices of cocktail rye on a baking pan place approximately two tsp of thousand island salad dressing on top of each then fold in half a slice of corned beef so that it fits the bread then place it on top of the dressing fill in some text

Circled dot 3 spread a thin layer of sauerkraut on the meat and cover with 14 of a swiss cheese slice or a slice the size of the bread

Circled dot 4 to melt the cheese broil for three to five minutes warm up and serve

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