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Marbled heart sugar cookies recipe

Almond sugar cookies with a marbled frosting are chewy but somewhat crunchy marbled heart sugar cookies are delightful to create and eat

Ingredient almond sugar cookie – 2 c 240g all purpose flour – ¾ c 84g almond flour sub ¾ c 90g all purpose flour – ½ tsp 25g baking powder – ½ tsp 3g salt – 1 c 227g unsalted butter room temperature – 1 c 200g granulated sugar – 1 57g large egg room temperature – 1 ½ tsp 8ml vanilla extract – ½ tsp 25ml almond extract optional enhances vanilla flavor – flour for dusting cookiebiscuit cutter marbled glaze – 3 c 360g powdered sugar sifted – 1 tsp 5ml vanilla extract – 1 tsp 5ml light corn syrup optional but recommended see note – 36 tbsp 4590ml milk – food coloring


Rounded banner with dots 1 combine the almond flour baking powder salt and allpurpose flour and whisk until thoroughly mixed put aside almond sugar cookie

Rounded banner with dots 2 mix the butter and sugar in a large bowl for 23 minutes on mediumhigh speed scrape sides

Rounded banner with dots 3 add the egg and vanilla and mix on low for 20–30 seconds before adding the next clean bowl edges and bottom blend everything for 30 seconds on medium

Rounded banner with dots 4 add ½ dry ingredients to wet mixture and stir on low speed until just mixed bowl sides and bottom—scrape combine ½ of the dry with the wet reuse bowl scraping

Rounded banner with dots 5 drop the dough on a big parchment paper divide the dough into two medium pieces with a bowlbench scraper or hands set aside one piece

Rounded banner with dots 6 when baking is ready set the ovens temperature to 350°f apply parchment paper to the edges of two large baking sheets

Rounded banner with dots 7 remove a cold dough sheet unwrap and set dough on parchment fill a small basin with ¼ c flour for cookie cutter dipping

Rounded banner with dots 8 bake cookies 812 minutes at 350f goldenbrown boundaries off centers lights baked cookies rackcool the hot baking sheet for 3 minutes 45minute cookie rack coolingbake cool roll and cut dough before using

Rounded banner with dots 1 mix powdered sugar light corn syrup vanilla and 3 tablespoons milk in a large shallow basin add 12 teaspoons milk to desired consistency the glaze needs 45 teaspoons milk glazing the cookies

Rounded banner with dots 2 choose how many marble colors you want for these cookies i utilized lighter and darker pink three hues

Rounded banner with dots 3 dip each cookie in glaze while facedown in the glaze gently twist the cookie to produce a deeper swirl lift the cookie and allow excess icing to drip back