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How to make potato gnocchi recipe

Tender fluffy potato gnocchi are simpler to prepare than you think this classic italian meal may be made at home with four cupboard items and a delicate touch

Ingredient – 1 pound 2 large yukon gold potatoes scrubbed – fine salt – 1 scant cup unbleached allpurpose flour plus more for dusting – 1 large egg yolk – semolina flour for dusting optional – 34 cups pasta sauce for serving – parmesan or pecorino cheese for serving optional


Put the potatoes in a deep pot or saucepan in one layer cover with water at least 2 inches over mediumhigh heat add 1 tablespoon salt and boil burst 1 white line

Drain in a sink colander slice potatoes with a paring knife to release steam and moisture rest for 15 minutes until cool but not chilly burst 2 white line

Sprinkle a little flour on a clean surface quarter the potatoes after peeling use a potato ricer on the floured surface make a well in the riced potato pile cool potatoes till warm burst 3 white line

Sprinkle a scant cup of flour around the potatoes add salt to the well after sliding the egg yolk beat the egg with a fork and add the potatoes keep mixing lightly adding flour around the edges burst 4 white line

Softly press and pat the ingredients into a ball with your hands it should be pliable sticky and “shaggy” rather than smooth add a tablespoon or two of flour to soft sticky dough do not overwork or overflour the dough burst 5 white line

Cover a rimmed baking sheet with a clean kitchen towel and semolina or allpurpose flour have a fork or gnocchi board ready sprinkle some flour on your work area and have a dish of flour handy burst 6 white line

Roll the dough into a fingerthick rope using your hands make ropes from the remaining 3 dough pieces lightly dust ropes and cut into ¾inch nuggets with a knife or dough scraper roll each nugget down the gnocchi board or fork tines burst 7 white line

Airdry the gnocchi for 30 minutes while they rest salt and boil a big kettle of water heat the sauce before cooking the gnocchi burst 8 white line

Put a little sauce in your bowl drop gnocchi gently into boiling water cook in batches to minimize pot overload after 30–45 seconds the gnocchi will float one should taste light and soft cooked throughout and without raw flour burst 9 white line

Using tongs put the gnocchi into six bowls to serve add more sauce on top and if you want add newly grated cheese to taste have fun burst 10 white line

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