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Homemade potato chips recipe

Whether youre eating a sandwich burger salad or other main course potato chips make a fantastic side dish or snack potato chips thin crunchiness and saltiness make them irresistible

Ingredient – 4 medium russet potatoe – 5 cups canola oil – salt to taste


Take the potatoes and peel them cut the potatoes into thin slices using a mandolin set to its smallest setting burst 1 white line

There is also the option of slicing the potatoes into thin circles using a knife that is very sharp burst 2 white line

Put the potato slices in a big bowl and add enough cold water to cover them burst 3 white line

If some slices are stuck together use your hands to separate them soak for one hour burst 4 white line

Drain slices in colander place drained potato slices in a single layer on a paper towellined baking sheet burst 5 white line

Dry with paper towels repeat until all potato slices dry burst 6 white line

In a dutch oven or heavybottomed saucepan add oil heat to 350 f on mediumhigh stir carefully as you add potato pieces in stages burst 7 white line

Drain the potato slices on a drying rack using a slotted spoon or spider after frying for 45 minutes till golden brown burst 8 white line

While it is still hot sprinkle with salt serve as soon as possible burst 9 white line

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