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Grilled mango with lime aleppo pepper and honey recipe

Grilled mango is topped with aleppo pepper lime and honey in this simple dish fruit tastes sweeter and more vivid after grilling adding a little smokiness

Ingredient – extra virgin olive oil – 4 ripe mango – 1 lime halved – kosher salt – aleppo pepper or red chili flake – warmed honey for drizzling optional


To prepare the grill or a big indoor griddle pan lightly oil the grates and heat the grill to a medium temperature burst 1 white line

Stand a mango on its butt slice one side near to the seed using a sharp knife mangoes contain seeds not pits remove the mangos opposite side to form two pieces repeat with remaining mangoes discarding seeds burst 2 white line

Score mango flesh in a grid or diamond pattern with a thin knife without damaging the peel apply olive oil gently burst 3 white line

Place mangoes fleshside down on a heated griddle grill 12 minutes to char immediately squeeze lime over top after removing from heat add kosher salt and aleppo pepper or your preferred red pepper flakes burst 4 white line

When mangoes are cold carefully push the peel to release the meat if desired pour warm honey warm serve burst 5 white line

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