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Easytogrow sweet peppers

That being said the following are six varieties of sweet peppers that are typically simple to cultivate

Bell peppers perhaps the most popular sweet pepper is bell red yellow orange and green are available theyre easy to grow and useful in the kitchen

Sweet banana peppers these tall skinny peppers resemble bananas hence their name they taste mild and sweet and are good for pickling salads and stuffing

California wonder peppers california wonder peppers another popular bell pepper with huge blocky fruits perfect for stuffing grilling or eating fresh

Cubanelle peppers sautéing frying or stuffing cubanelle peppers is delicious due to their sweetness and spice green at first scarlet when ripe

Marconi peppers marconi peppers are huge tapering italian sweet peppers they cook well when fried grilled or stuffed due to their thick meat

Sweet chocolate peppers these peppers are delicious and fruity and turn chocolate brown they taste well fresh in salads or sandwiches and provide color to cooked foods

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