Best Wonton Soup Recipe

1 chicken breast, cut 1 ginger 1 Chinese onion Chinese onion, as needed, chopped Cabbage, as needed Wonton wrappers, as needed Soy sauce, as needed Salt, as needed Sesame oil, as needed


Start by placing the stainless steel inner pot in the and activating the Sauté function for 12 minutes. 

Simultaneously, prepare a flavorful broth by boiling water with the chicken breast carcass, enhancing the stock's taste. 

Once the broth is ready, strain it and separate the bone from the chicken, ensuring a clear and rich base for your dish.

Combine all your chosen ingredients, adjusting seasoning with salt, a dash of soy sauce, and a drizzle of olive oil for depth of flavor. 

Seal the lid securely, ensuring the steam release handle is set to Sealing to contain pressure. 

Activate the Pressure Cook function at a high pressure level, setting the timer for a precise 15 minutes. 

Await the delightful aromas and flavors as your dish cooks under pressure, ready to be enjoyed once the timer signals completion.