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Ayran turkish salty yogurt drink recipe

Ayran a delicious turkish drink contains just yogurt salt and water serve turkish ayran cold to cool down on a hot day as a light breakfast or afternoon snack or to balance a rich or spicy meal

Ingredient – ½ cup whole milk yogurt – ¾ cup cold water – kosher salt – dried or fresh mint optional for garnish


Mix yogurt water and salt to taste i pinch in a cocktail shaker stir ingredients with a fork or spoon until mixed burst 1 white line

Seal by closing the shaker and pressing firmly on top shake hard for 10 seconds to aerate the mixtureturn the shaker to grasp the bigger side burst 2 white line

Open the lid carefully you may need to smack the side with your palm add a handful of ice seal and shake again put forth the effort you want maximum foam burst 3 white line

Hold the shakers bigger side and open the lid again pour into your serving glass garnish with dried or fresh mint and serve immediately burst 4 white line

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