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Almond rye thumbprint cookies recipe

Almond sugar cookies with a marbled frosting are chewy but somewhat crunchy marbled heart sugar cookies are delightful to create and eat

Ingredient – 1 c 106g medium or light rye flour sub with ¾ c 2 tablespoon all purpose flour – ¾ c 2 tablespoon 105g all purpose flour – 1 c 96g almond flour – ½ tsp salt – 1 c 226g unsalted butter cold and cubed – ½ c 100g superfine or granulated sugar – ½ c 100g light brown sugar – 1 large egg yolk room temperature – ½ tsp vanilla extract – ¼ tsp almond extract – ⅓ c 76g granulated sugar to coat cookies optional – ⅓12 c raspberry or preferred jam or preserve


Rounded banner with dots 1 in a separate mixing bowl whisk together the grains of flour and the salt put aside for later

Rounded banner with dots 2 stand mixer with paddle add cold diced butter lowermedium speed mix butter smooth frequently scrape butter off paddle and bowl sides for homogeneous texture

Rounded banner with dots 3 mix sugar with creamy butter add sugar at lowmedium speed increase speed to mediumhigh beat sugar and butter for 1 minute until creamy

Rounded banner with dots 4 start by adding ¼ of the dry ingredients to the wet mixture on low speed after the dough combines add another ¼ if needed scrape bottom and sides

Rounded banner with dots 5 scoop dough balls using a 1 tablespoon cookie scoop form cookie dough balls by rolling it between your hands

Rounded banner with dots 6 prepare an additional baking sheet by lining it with parchment paper put aside for later

Rounded banner with dots 7 dip cookies tops and sides in sugar optional cookies should be 2 apart on a sheet about 12 per cookie sheet depending on size

Rounded banner with dots 8 bake each pan of cookies at 350f for 1216 minutes theyre done when the edges get light brown

Rounded banner with dots 9 sprinkle with a thin layer of powdered sugar if desired allow to settle at room temperature have fun

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